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In the ever-changing cosmetics landscape, Lavertu remains a beacon of timeless beauty, innovation, and dedication to delivering quality makeup for everyone.

Fresa Cosmetics B.V. was established in 1985 by Fred van Wolffelaar, starting its journey as a modest wholesaling venture in the makeup industry. With an artistic vision and a passion for innovation, Fred expanded beyond wholesale; he was inspired to craft a brand that would stand out in the market. Thus, Lavertu Cosmetics was born—a brand synonymous with exceptional quality and a commitment to not just beautify but also to care for the skin. This marked a new chapter for the company, one where the allure of cosmetics meets the wellness of skincare.

Fred's pioneering spirit shone through in his hand-sketched designs, laying the groundwork for Lavertu's uniqueness and quality. His partnership with leading laboratories solidified Lavertu's reputation for excellence. Sadly, Fred passed away in 2021 at 63, but his legacy continues under the watchful eyes of his children, Raymond and Roxanne. They carry forward his vision with the same passion and creativity that Lavertu was built on, ensuring the brand's growth without losing sight of its founding principles.

Lavertu's ethos is simple yet profound: to craft the finest, unique, cruelty-free makeup products that are kind to your skin, comfortable to wear, and affordable. Innovation is at our core, be it through our unique designs, advanced formulas, or our commitment to eco-friendly, refillable packaging.

At Lavertu, quality is more than a benchmark; it's an experience. Each product is designed to be a delightful, luxurious encounter, accessible to all. Our development process focuses on understanding and addressing consumer needs, ensuring affordability without sacrificing excellence.

Our brand's visual identity exudes luxury and comfort, with organic, round lines creating a classic, yet contemporary appeal. The signature blue/grey color palette unifies our cosmetic line, offering elegance and recognizability.

Looking to the future, Lavertu is excited to broaden our product range, introducing innovative items that make a statement in the market. Our commitment is steadfast: to enhance quality, service, and global reach, making Lavertu a trusted name for both new and longstanding customers.


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